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lordrahvin, Feb 22, 11 2:38 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Recruiting Info
We are currently accepting any interested players who play the game at least twice a week (with a group or on your own) within the 7pm-12pm PST block of time.
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The Civil Society, West Coast
"A higher standard"

Definition:  A civil society is a group dedicated to voluntary collective action centered around shared interests, purposes, and values. 

In-game goals:
1) To uphold the standards of excellence, honor, dignity, and justice
2) To preserve the social order from internal corruption and outside invasion
3) To recognize the dignity, worth, and value of teammates

We are the west coast branch of the Civil Society, a loose affiliation of superheroes dedicated to preserving and protecting the social order.  The society is a group of allies that can be trusted when you need a team to back you up, or you stand ready to fight the good fight. 

Our theme:
Think of this as a high-class social club for superheroes, as well as a sort of informal information network.  Kind of like the "Midnighters", but without the magical background. 

Our members are heroes with a Golden Age or Silver Age feel.  We are not mysterious alien visitors with unknown agendas, anti-heroes looking for a good time, or fantasy-creatures imbued with life energy and trying to understand the world.  Some of us may have started out with pasts like these, but since then we have all made a decision to embrace the superhero life and our backgrounds reflect that. If you can't imagine your character with his or her own superhero comic book, that character probably is not a fit for the Civil Society.

Activity Level:
We are presently looking for members living on the US West Coast area, who can join us at least twice a week for blue-side missions and task forces in Paragon from 9-12pm.  Newer players with heroes of levels 20-30 are preferred.  All archetypes, origins, and powersets are welcome.  
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